Monday, April 11, 2011

Open House!

Well, we have been planning on having an Open House since, let me see, January... so it was pretty exciting last week when we FINALLY pulled off our Open House event! It was a perfect day for it... the sun was shining, we could open the doors and windows and welcome everyone into our lovely little school house to see what we have been up to during these cold winter months!

We hung up the American Flag of course, but added the special Monhegan Flag to the mix!

Millie took her spot as the Monhegan school greeter. Man does she know her place.

I know I have the exact same shot of Maya sitting in front of the school like this on Open House day.... except I think it was snowing!

Our fantastic Open House sign made by Miss Margaret!

We had quite the to-do list but we got it all done and the school looked great!

Quinn set up the "Bag-Tastic" Bags display so community members could look at all the designs and write down their orders... and yes, we are STILL taking orders!

Margaret worked very hard at setting up her work space for Open House. She is quite the sign maker!

Miss M's space with her books and projects and charts, oh my!

The social studies area with our Monhegan map and Native American map.

More social studies and language arts projects.

The science table with plants, weather stations, cell movies, and more!

Millie took a quick nap before the festivities began.

Time to make the popcorn... Quinn's favorite part!

And here comes the community. Dalton showed off our amazing historical maps of Maine.

And our Monhegan Map.

Margaret showed off her books.

Quinn was in charge of the science table.

We played some of our movies we made this year and presented information about our TLC project. Lastly the boys got to show off their robots.

We had a GREAT turn out!
Thank you community, as always, for your support for our terrific school.
You all rock.

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