Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween BINGO!!!!

Due to the fact that we were on a Field Trip on the days leading to Halloween AND that Halloween fell on a Monday, we decided against having a Halloween party/Fall Festival this year and just keep the holiday easy with some HALLOWEEN BINGO!!!

We had to have it on the Friday we got back from our trip, so we were all pretty tired, but we rallied for the big night!

The freshly carved pumpkins lighting the way to the school!

Halloween decorations were hung!

Delicious goodies were out!

And the scary prizes were ready to be won!

We invited everyone to wear costumes to BINGO!
Millie does not look impressed with the shenanigans!

Matching costumes. I know... a little over the top... but I LOVE Halloween!

Of course we picked the windy day of the week to try and light the pumpkins.

We moved them over to the hay stacks to try and protect them from the wind.

Those pumpkins looked good anywhere!

Waiting to greet the BINGO players.

Bored devil.

Two pretty looking ladies all dressed up!

The BINGO tables filled up fast!

A magical fortune teller.

Looking into her crystal ball to see who would win!

D giving the opening speech!

A beautiful blonde wig in the back. Just cracks me up!

Darth Vadar was kind of scary at BINGO... I mean you don't want to see what happens if he doesn't win a game!

Phew! He won the beautiful devil wig!

Matching fishermen/women! So cute.

I just love seeing the school house filled with fun people!

Billy B. said he dressed up as Russell Crow. That Billy, he is a hoot.

A little witch calling BINGO numbers.

The fortune teller won a fabulous mask that went well with her magical appearance!

Giving out prizes.

More number calling.

The little fisherman lending a hand.

Gina won the orange wig/glasses prize! She looks FABULOUS!

Wigs everywhere!

It was a Halloween miracle! Billy B. FINALLY won a round! We think his new BINGO hat brought him some extra luck!

He won a tiara... quite fitting I thin.

I just love all of these costumes!

That cute fisherman kept distracting me!

Darth Vadar and Donga.

Kathryn won a fancy mask and trident!

BINGO couple looking fine!

Time for the final round... everyone wants to win the championship so they can be on the BINGO wall of fame!!!!

And the October BINGO champion is.... Nick Cennamo!!!

Billy's lucky hat and now with his lucky tiara!!

It wouldn't be Halloween BINGO without Norma!

Such a good looking crowd!

Halloween buddies!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Inter-Island Field Trip - Halloween Party!!!

On our last night of the field trip we had an EPIC Halloween party! I am talking full out costumes, decorations, and snacks! We do not mess around when it comes to parties!!!

Check out these costumes....

Super sweet horse!!!

A boo-rrific ghost!!!!

Arrrrghh! Our very own TLC pirate!

Scary Skeleton!

Fabulous Blue M&M!

80's Dancing Queen!

Oh shoot... I kept getting her outfit name wrong... I think it was Zombie High Doll!?!?!?!

High-Heeled Gypsy!

Monster! So awesome!

Zombie brothers... and least one was a peace-loving zombie!



Junior was my date for the evening... I, of course, was Mrs. Peabody.

Leather wearing dracula/zombie guys.

Gothic Lady!

We had a FABULOUS runway show. First up was Sleeping Beauty!

And then Captain Hook!

The track star!

One eyed giant! (He couldn't see anything... so his runway walk was really funny!)

SUPER Heidi diving down the runway!

Beautiful Morning Cloak Butterfly!

The whole crazy gang!

Darth Vader and Storm Trooper make friends!

Dessert Time!

Best Looking Family Award goes to the Holloways!

We dressed up as two pretty, intelligent, kind, amazing blondes. Isn't is a super realistic costume!!

Time to give out awards!

Best Track Star Award!

And best monster with a clown wig award!

Lots of Sugar + Glow Sticks =
Party Animal!

The Halloween festivities ended with some ghost stories around the fire place.

The kids and adults then all collapsed from sugar comas and wayyyy too much fun.