Sunday, October 30, 2011

Inter-Island Field Trip - Day #1

We were VERY excited last week to go our on Fall Inter-Island Field trip with our TLC school buddies!
We left Monhegan on a rather windy day.

The boys from the hood were ready for the adventure... at least I think they were.

We loaded our gear and ourselves onto the lobster boat and said our goodbyes.

We first landed at Pizza Hut for a little lunch action. I don't think I have been at a Pizza Hut since college. I have to say, it was pretty good.

We arrived at Camp Jordon, our home for the next few nights. We met the Islesford School there and right away the kids just started running and jumping for joy! I think the were pretty pumped to be together again.

I think it took about 5 minutes before the kids decided it would be a good idea to start up a capture the flag game before we needed to head to our first program of the trip.

Team huddle.

A bunch of Capture the Flag hoodlums hanging out in jail.

Two super cuties.

After a super quick game it was time to load into our cars and head to the Space Challenger Center in Bangor... my new favorite place, ever.

The rest of our island friends met us at the Challenger Center. He is Quinny with his buddies from Cliff! Soooo cute.

The entire group circled up before heading into the Challenger Center.

But first a photo op.

Once we were inside the kids were immediately given roles (they were either on the Mission Control Team or the Astronaut Team) and then they were sent into the conference room to accept their mission. BUT first, they had to sanitize their hands... this just cracks me up.

Inside the conference room the astronauts were given blue space vests. Each astronaut had a partner who was on the Mission Control team that they were assigned to work with from space. Both D & Q were on the astronaut team first. They were headed out to space for their mission!

In the dark spaceship ready for lift off!

Astronauts arriving at the space station... can you SEE the excitement!?

Here we are at the space station... let me tell you, it was SO cool. Everyone had their own post to do their work. Each student had a notebook full of "task cards" to follow in order to work with their team and complete the mission. Most of the astronauts had to communicate with their partners back at Mission Control through headsets or emails!

The commander gave some brief instructions and then the astronauts were on their own... not even the teachers could help them!

Quinn was the aeronautical engineer... which met he got to wear a lab coat in work in a glass room all by himself plugging and unplugging wires to get the probe to work. BEST JOB EVER!

Dalton was the head communicator. Perfect job for him.

Meg as the medic.

Quinn in his little glass room.

Just sooooo classic that he is in the vacuum hazard room.


One of the robotic specialists!

Using super special gloves to get the super special samples.

Sad medic.

Another Robotic Specialist.

Dalton LOVED his headset!

Meg did some medical testing on me.

Fun stuff.

The robotic specialist had to go retrieve some of his samples in the toxic room. Time to put on the space suit.

Ready to retrieve!

In they go.

Retrieving the samples.

What a good little leader.

Wearing the techno-color glasses to do some color testing.

Cool dude.

Quinn was sad when it was time to switch with his partner and go to the Mission Control center.

Be he had a change of tune once he got to Mission Control! It was SO cool there!

Now Quinn got to give his partner instructions in space.

Dalton worked with his astronaut partner to communicate messages to the space station.

Hazmat :)

And before no time at all the kids had completed their mission!
What a flippin' COOL experience!!!!

Back at Camp Jordon we got comfy and worked on some VERY important projects... so they are secret.

Then it was time for dinner... delicious spaghetti and meatballs and home-made bread from our FAVORITE cook, Lisa from Isle Au Haut!!!!!!

And then during the middle of dinner we had our very own FLASHMOB!!!

More and more began to join!

Shinny, happy people!

Flash Mob resulted in random, amazing dance party to Usher, Dixie Chicks, and MADONNA!
It was fabulous.

This guy had some moves!!!! Just vogue! I was peeing my pants.

Express yourself!

Brother/sister dance party!

Then things started to quiet down for the night....

A little evening yoga, so sweet.

Brothers on their chair towers.

Even skipo!

We brought it mattresses from the cabins to sleep on... pretty comfy.

And THIS is what the teacher's did as the kids began settling in for bed! Shhhh... don't tell.

Day one = totally awesome.

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