Friday, February 10, 2012

Weathering and Erosion!

Another week, another science lesson on the Tanberg! This past week we learned about Earth's SLOW processes, such as weathering and erosion!! The Isle Au Haut school was our host school this week!

Mrs. Greatorex on Isle Au Haut started the lesson with an overview of what weathering and erosion can do to the Earth's surface!

You know it is going to be a great lesson when Bill Nye the Science guy is apart of it!!!

After our quick overview, it was time for some fun experiments involving the concepts of weathering and erosion! Pretty cool that a teacher on another island can lead my students through hands on experiments and then have a group discussion about it with kids from FOUR OTHER ISLANDS! Yeah, you should be impressed!

The first experiment was to show how weathering, such as rain, can cause the earth surface to change! The kids used eye droppers to drop water onto sugar cubes... changing the way the sugar cubes looked. See the connection?!

Dalton wanted to change how the sugar cubes looked by dissolving them in his mouth! He is like a big giant model of weathering!

Next, Mrs. Greatorex led the kids in an experiment about erosion using soil and straws! The kids tried to cause erosion by blowing the soil using the straws!

Look closely and you can see all of the kids trying to erode their soil!!!

Isle Au Haut ended their lesson by sharing pictures of erosion and weathering that they found on their island!

Here is the lesson in action! Pretty cool stuff here!

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