Thursday, February 2, 2012

Craft Night!

It is fun to have lots of community events during the dreary winter months... even if our community seems to get smaller and smaller with every passing winter week!

We had a "craft night" at school last week. The focus was bracelet making! We wanted to pick a craft that would be fun for all ages! And although some people had more success in their bracelet making then others, I think a fun time was had by all.

Love that Quinn wore he PJ's to craft night.

The little ones crafting!

Lots of teamwork happening at craft night!

Lots of laughing and crafting!

Millie was too tired to craft. I couldn't blame her. We had a busy week!

Travis modeling a lovely earring he crafted.

Craft night quickly turned into "run around and giggle night" for these three little monkeys!

Focused individuals!

Dalton was the bracelet making machine! I was impressed by his skills.

Look at that pretty bracelet!

Angela's skills were also very impressive. I guess it runs in the family!

And then there was Travis... no skills at all.

Brownell was super helpful in finding JUST the right beads and he was also really good at cookie taste-testing!

Some of the final products of the night!

Wowsers! Look at Gina's masterpiece!

Thanks for all who came and gave it a try!!! It was a fun night!

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