Monday, February 13, 2012

The Man Cave!

My poor eighth grader. It is not easy being the only 8th grader on this little island. He holds his own but I know there are days when he just wishes he could move time along more quickly and be off to high school where there are way more kids his own age to spend time with. Sometimes I wish I could speed things up for him, but I know you should never wish time away, because at some point, you are going to want it back.

So, I just try to give him space and time to be a middle schooler. He has his office in the back room this year, which is nice since he can listen to his own music and have a little peace away from the hustle and bustle always going on the in the main room. I have been calling his office "the man cave" in the mornings. He shuts the door when he needs to read for book groups. He is reading The Scarlet Letter, so he needs to have it pretty stinkin'' quiet in order to focus!

My favorite moment last week was when Dalton invited Quinn back into his "man cave" to read while Margaret and I used the Tanberg to meet with some of the TLC youngers. I think Quinn was pretty pumped to be welcomed into such a prestigious area of the school... "the man cave!"

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  1. Just spark note the book because it is pointless after like the 9th chapter and very perdictable I just finished it in my jr english class and gained nothing except more busy work from that book