Sunday, April 29, 2012

Earth Day Clean Up!

Since Earth Day ended up happening over April break, we knew we would need to make time once we got back to school for our annual community Earth day clean-up!

 We ended up getting lucky with weather... the sun was out and the air was cool... and the kids were funny!

 Playing in the dirt pile before heading off to meet the rest of the clean-up crew!

 Millie loves anytime at school when everyone gets to be outdoors!

 Cutie-putie with her trash bag... ready to go!

 We met at the Church lawn and headed through town picking up trash along the way!

 It is always surprising how much trash you find when you are actually looking for it!

 Heading to fish beach...

 Lots of buoys and ropes to clean up!

 Combing the beach for trash!

 Lots of good helping hands!

 Dragging some old wooden crates to the burn pile!

 Margaret and I invented a point system for picking up trash. I would give her a gazillion points every time she found a piece! She sure had a lot of points by the end of our clean-up!

 Our guidance councilor Jean joined us for our clean-up! It was great having an extra pair of hands!

 Millie checked the water for trash... or at least that was her excuse she gave for swimming!

 We found LOTS of trash down by the wharf!

 Margaret was very helpful due to her ability to get into teeny-weeny places! What a great helper!

By the end of our hour long clean-up we had bags and bags of trash! Great job cleaning up our beautiful island everyone!!! And special thanks to Travis for picking up all our trash bags we left along our route!

Vacation Day!

 We had our first TLC "youngers" share after break and we figured the best theme for our day would be... VACATION!

We wore our most vacation-y outfits...

I obviously wished that I had gone on an tropical vacation for my April break! 

 The kids took turns sharing pictures and stories of what they did over April break!

 Pictures of pools!

And trampolines!

 When it was Margaret turn she shared with the group about her vacation adventures!

 Look at her awesome picture of her roller skating!!!

 More vacation pictures!

And stories! Don't you just love Ms. Donna's vacation hat!?!

Cliff School's turn to share!

 Awesome picture of two kids playing with a beach ball over break!

 We then sang a vacation song and read a fun poem called "Vacation Frustration!"

 And you probably have no idea how we ended our share time...

DANCE PARTY!!!! It was a great way to share all the fun we had over our vacations! Only so many "youngers" shares left this year!? Any ideas for themes!?

Shed Project: Construction continues!

The Friday before April break the boys continued to work on the shed project! This was a non-stop project for them the entire week and I don't think they could have been any more dedicated to the project then they were. 

Dalton getting an early start... making ever minute count!

It's starting to look like a shed!

Part of the morning was trying to salvage some of the old boards from the original shed to use in the new construction.

Time to put some plywood on the frame!

Lots of lifting!

I left for April break but while the boys were still on island they continued to help with the construction... yep, that's right, WHILE THEY WERE ON VACATION!!! Now that gets a gold star!

Angela took some photos for me so I could see the great progress they made over break!

They finished the walls! Just beautiful!

Construction site!

One proud construction worker!!!! Great job guys! 

Shed Project: Raising the Walls!

After our shed construction team created a stable foundation it was time to work on the walls.

They created frames and got to use all the fun power tools again to secure them in place.

Have I mentioned how much they love this?

Wall frame #1...

Lining it up!

Wall #2!

These boys look like young men! So crazy!

Wall #3!

They look like they are building themselves a little jail cell... maybe it is where we can send all the naughty kids!

Framing out the roof!

Dalton was tidying up the work site while waiting for further instructions!

It's going to be a beauty!