Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Middle School Retreat - Day 2: Team Building Activities

Day two of the MSR was so busy I had to break it up into several blog posts!!! 
So much to enjoy and document!

We awoke bright and early and had breakfast together before heading out for more team building activities!

We had some fun trying to make shapes with this really big circle. Did you know how hard it can be to try and make a triangle with a giant circle when your eyes are closed. 
Let me tell you from experience, it's really hard!

Everyone was included in the circle, literally!

It was so gorgeous outside that we moved our games outdoors!

Quinn and his new friends! This was Quinn's first MSR as well. As you can see, he had a blast!

More team work... ring toss through hula-hoops. 

Emma showing off her hula-hooping skills!

Back inside for... you guessed it, more games!

We also did a marble challenge with teams. We had to use the tunnel pieces to get the marble into the cup as quickly as possible!

Major teamwork!

Snack break!

After snack we played some exciting rounds of "let's get physical" scrabble.
 Or as Quinn puts it, "Run, before the teachers maul you" scrabble!

The kids had to get scrabble pieces from the center of the room to build words that had to do with a given category! 

As you can tell, this was a timed event!

Action shot!

Scrabble teams!


Thumbs up.

Myron and his ladies!

Some of our "friendship" words!

And "respect" words!

After a while... the adults wanted a team of their own.

We obviously took the game VERY seriously!

According to reports from students... the scrabble game got a whole less fun once the adults joined. Maybe we got a little TOO into it. Even so, it was a whole lot of fun!

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