Friday, March 2, 2012

We love Anne and Tom!

Coming back to school after vacation isn't so bad when we have special guests who we love so much! Anne, Tom, and the dogs were our special school guests at the beginning of the week and we sure were glad to see their bright and shinny faces!

Nothing better than an extra school dog to love on!


Dalton loved having Anne here since she is leading his book group this trimester!

And we all loved having an extra person to play Blokus with us at break time... (mental note: get Anne this game for her birthday this summer!!)

Lots of love for Tom after his awesome drum lesson! The kids made him cards and we gave him one of our Monhegan School tote bags!

Lots of hugs.


Gangstah love.

Good golly we love them so! Thanks for a great visit Anne and Tom!

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