Sunday, March 4, 2012

Paul Klee inspired art!

The next artist that Donna has introduced to the kids during art class is Paul Klee!

He was known in the art world for his abstract art using lots of shapes and colors!

Donna gave the boys are really interesting assignment. There were to draw a simple image. Then they had to pick a point on the drawing and draw lines coming out of that point that actually "sliced" up their drawing like a pizza.

Each of the different "slices" had to use different colors. They used craypas as the medium for their work which really made the pieces vibrant!

Scout loves craypas!

Such a cool assignment.

Q's piece coming to life.

I'm in love with Donna's tree.

Dalton meticulously coloring in his piece.

Well done. I am SO looking forward to our art show this spring! The work these kids have been producing this year is just spectacular!

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