Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Life as we know it. ~Dalton Burroughs.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Quinn's Glog!

For the first language arts assignment of the year the boys had to create "soundtracks" to their lives! They got to pick songs that remind them of people and/or events in their lives. After they picked their playlist and wrote out an "album narrative" for each of their songs they got to make a Album cover using the the website glogster! This site is SO cool...

Here is Quinn's Album GLOG! Enjoy!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Our 25th BINGO (And our first BINGO of the school year!)

It's that time of year again... BINGO TIME!!!

I have to say we were all pretty excited to host our first BINGO of the school year (AND our 25th BINGO game over the last four years!) We put the signs up around town and were ready and raring to go!

We had some guesses about who may be a big winner on BINGO night!

Margaret was SUPER helpful with BINGO preparations!


Q & M make a good team!

September BINGO theme... TRAP DAY = LOBSTERS!

BINGO goodies!

The BINGO enthusiasts had arrived and it was time to play!

YAY! Tobey won her FIRST BINGO prize!!!! (Lobster pasta!!!!)

Millie getting some BINGO lovin' from her favorite 8th grader.

Quinny calling some lucky numbers!

Good turnout for a rainy September night!

Big D's turn...

The BINGO dogs standing guard!
(Maya and Schooner used to sit outside during BINGO nights... so I think it is cute that Millie and Schooner do the same :) )

Checking cards!

The cute winning couple!!

And the winning card!

Tim winning a fabulous lobster mug!

Tobey winning a SECOND game! She was on a roll!

Margaret working the BINGO machine for the FIRST time!!!

Funny that the first time she helps call BINGO numbers her Mama just HAPPENS to win the prize! BUT, I think she deserved the very cool lobster soap on a rope!

Donna was our guest caller of the night!

Mother/son showing off their new lobster towel!

Poor Billy B. has been out of BINGO practice... he did not win a SINGLE game!

Before we knew it... it was time for the FINAL BINGO game of the night... the CHAMPIONSHIP round!

Quinn modeled the September Champ hat while calling the winning numbers!

And the September Champion is... first time BINGO player, TIM SANDERS!!!!

WOOOHOOO! Thank GOODNESS Monhegan School BINGO is back up and running!

The robots are BACK!

School has started which means robotics has started as well! We spent the first two robotics classes sorting, inventorying, and organizing our legos and robot equipment. We sure do have A LOT of legos in our school!

Last week the boys finally got to start messing around with some of their ideas for their robots this year.

Dalton is thinking of mixing it up this year and trying to create a strongest robot, a robot he has never attempted to build before!

The ever persistent Quinn is going to go for the bridge building competition yet again this year! I am proud of him for not giving up!

We had a guest star at our last robotics class... a little robotics student in the making!
Mr. Brownell!

Dalton gave Brownell a little mini lesson about robots! So sweet!

And then Quinn showed him his plans for the bridge! Very cool!

Stylistic Owls!

Donna came if for a super styling art class last week!
The themes... OWLS!

She brought in some owls that her mom had collected over the years and talked about the different "styles" of some of the owls.

Then she passed out paper and pencils and set the boys free. I also love Donna's art classes because she give very minimal instruction which lets the boys really explore their own artistic abilities instead of doing "what they think they should" do.

Dalton's "Dr. Who!"

Donna's hooties!

And Quinn's very stylistic owls! What a hoot!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

That bulletin board is OUT OF THIS WORLD!

After much reviewing and researching the boys were finally ready to put together their "Solar System" bulletin board!

The first step was to figure out what the scale of the planets were going to be ... this took some major calculations!

Then they had to figure out the distance scale of the planets from the sun.... MORE calculating!!!

Once the math was figured out... it was time for a little art... in the form of painting!!!

Good team work fellas!

LOOKS GREAT! But there is still more to do!

The next step was putting up all the mini fact sheets the boys wrote up for each planet!

They also decided it would be a good idea to include a picture of the planet of how it looks from orbit... since our scale made some of our planets REALLY small!

Looking more and more like a solar system to me!

Quinny put a spaceship orbiting his favorite planet... I think he did this just so he could say, "Hey look! The mothership is orbiting Uranus!" Oh man, good stuff.

Jupiter and Saturn looking mighty fine!

Neptune is wayyyy out there!

Lots of great facts for Uranus!

Ta da! I love this bulletin board SO much because the boys designed it all! They are truly out of this world!