Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kindergarten ROCKS!

We sure have been having LOTS of fun in kindergarten this year... and you know what else... we (meaning Margaret) have been doing A LOT OF WORK!
Kindergarten begins everyday with Morning Meeting, calendar, and weather reporting...

Then it is off to centers.... Margaret making some words in her "Reading" center!

She is also coming up with some pretty great centers in her "Pocket Chart" center!

She also can piece together poems that come from her "Poetry" center!

Reciting one of her poems from her "Poetry" center!

And another poem!! I love her inflection as she reads!

Math time! Patterns, shapes, and adding all in one!

Inventorying cups in "Math" center!

Reading on her own! She is so impressive!

A journal entry in her "Writing" Center! Warms my heart.

Her "Word Tree" she knows how to spell A LOT of words!

She sure looks like a kindergartner to me!!!

I have to say, I think kindergarten ROCKS!

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