Sunday, September 18, 2011

Monday Schedule...

Monday mornings sure aren't that bad when you start your school week on Monday afternoon! This year our school schedule is set up so we do not have school on Monday mornings or Friday afternoons so the kids (and I, if I choose) can off on the weekends without missing any school. This does mean that we start school earlier and end later throughout the week BUT so far we think the new schedule rocks!

Monday afternoon I have just the boys so that means we do a lot of direct lessons so they get set up for the week.

We do some "Daily Oral Language" where each of the boys have to correct a sentence on the board and we talk about grammar and sentence structure.

And we do spelling... not really anyone's favorite subject... but a much needed one.

See, this is why I try to only blog about the fun stuff we do at school! The "hard working" blog posts result in pictures like this!

When I told the boys that I was taking pictures to put on the blog to show that we just don't have fun all day long Dalton replied,
"It is not that what we do is fun all day long, it is just that we MAKE it fun."


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