Tuesday, September 6, 2011

End of Year Recap...

I know, I know... I totally failed in the end of year blogging that I should have done in JUNE! But better late than never... right!? So here are some highlights from the last few days of school....

We of course needed to finish eating all the left over hotdogs from kickball... so we got the grill going again, much to Millie's delight!

Monhegan's Hot Lunch program in full swing!

We just need to turn on the grill and there is a signal sent out to Billy B. that that there is free food available!

And Barbara Hitchcock never passes up a free lunch!

Millie was just PRAYING something would fall from the grill!

We had a community gym class... we played ultimate frisbee with some serious pros!

The field was pretty full considering the amount of players we usually have for gym class!

Look at all those menly men!

Good game, good game.

On gym day we also played some bball!

Curve ball!

Even the youngest players turned out to shoot some hoops! Magic Johnson watch out!

And the it was time to cool down with a little jump off the wharf!

1, 2, 3... GO!

It was pretty chilly!

Day before school got out we had a lot of serious work to be done!

Like packing up our entire school!

Time for Houston to get packed up.

Quinny had to say goodbye to his little buddy!

Bulletin boards down.

Empty classroom swept.

All furniture shoved up on stage!

We celebrated all our hard work with our traditional end of year ice cream at the Novelty!


We had some alumni join us!

Blonde cuties!

And finally on the last day of school we had a celebratory breakfast!


Mom and son waffle makers!


Breakfast of champions!

Wants some waffles with that whip cream?!?
More sugar with the sugar please.

Even the dogs were celebrating!

Schooner wanted to know where HIS breakfast was!

Full house!

After breakfast we ended the day with our traditional end of year hike... this time we decided to go ALL the way around the island.

Not a bad way to end the school year.

Dalton was feeling great!

And Quinn was feeling exhausted!

We took lots of breaks!

Highest point on Monhegan!

Woooohooo! END OF THE YEAR!

It was a great year and a great summer! Hip! Hip! Hooray!

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