Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Exploration Bulletin Board!

I told you previously about the "Exploration Proposal" project the boys were working on for social studies... well one piece of that project was to decorate a section of the bulletin board with pictures and maps of the destination that they wanted to explore! I am a BIG fan of bulletin boards (what teacher isn't?) so I had the boys compete in a little minor competition to create the most creative and eye-pleasing bulletin board possible.

Ready! Set! GET CREATIVE... I love this picture of the boys "competing." Dalton is sneakily looking at what Quinn is up to!

Creativity can get messy...

Evidence A: Quinn and the paper cutter!

Dalton was getting pretty creative with his sign!

But Quinn was giving him a run for his money with his awesome Egypt sign!

Time to start putting things on the bulletin board!

Quinn doing the "Egyptian" dance for inspiration for his board!

I invited Margaret to add to the Exploration board...
what place did she want to explore?


We found pictures from Matinicus and added lots of glitter and stickers to make it look creative!

Margaret also drew a picture of her and "her friend on Matinicus" that she hopes to meet at Inter-Island Event!

Caught putting some final touches on his Egypt section...

And Daltini finishing up his section...

And now a look at the completed sections...
Dalton's "Sailing the Virgin Islands" display!

Quinn's Egyptian area!

And lastly Margaret's Matinicus arena!

And the winner of the bulletin board competition....


That is one spiffy looking bulletin board if you ask me !

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