Wednesday, September 7, 2011

We are BACK! First Day of School... Monhegan Style!

It has been what we have all been having nightmares about for weeks....
the. first. day. of. school.

To be truthful I could not wait for the first day. I don't know if you can tell by the blog, but I am a pretty big fan of school... especially the Monhegan School and I was having blogging withdrawals so I was pumped to see September 6th finally come!

We had a jammed packed schedule for the first day!

Millie and I were up at the crack of dawn! Millie quickly took her normal position at the school step.

Millie wore her new "first day of school" ribbon! She looked real nice.

Some special treats were ready for the kids arrival.

The flags were flying high!

But where were those stinkin' kids?!?!

Oh! I think she hears someone coming!!!

Yay! Margaret is here too!

My super good lookin' class of 2011!

AND Millie!

See... I was REALLY excited for school!

Class photo! Check.

Then it was time for morning meeting... Dalton, our big 8th grader, is a good sport filling out the question of the day!

Margaret's turn!

Morning message!

Time for calendar and weather with Margaret!

Dalton enjoying his new office in the back room.

Quinn reunites with his computer after a long summer apart!

Time to fill out Margaret's kindergarten book!

Creating "What I did over summer vacation" comic strips!

Margaret's comic.

First break time of the new year!

Quinn was only in school about 2 hours before he broke something... just like old times.

Everyone likes the puzzle!

1 hour after the first "mishap," Quinn brakes his second item of the day... his beloved skeleton's jaw... we preformed some surgery (gloves and all) and he is back to his deathly looking self!

Margaret learns her first kindergarten poem!

After lunch it was time for the tradition walk through town to....


This is Dalton's LAST first day of school ice cream!!!! I am going to start crying right now!

Margaret liked this whole ice cream gig!

Ice cream coma!

I missed these monkeys.

The ladies of the school!

After ice cream it was time for the tradition back to school hike... Stanley joined us of course.

I think hiking should be apart of all school's curriculum.

Made it to Green Point!

Taken in the scenery.

Not too shabby!

It was a great first day. The sun broke out in the afternoon as if it was a sign that this would be a great last year for us all together.

(*note from the editor... since this is my last year be prepare for extra mushy blog posts!! BEWARE!!!)

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