Friday, September 9, 2011

Millie vs. Quinn: An Epic Battle!

So, we don't really have recess here at the Monhegan School... and if we did it probably would not be all that exciting since we don't have a playground or jungle gym or kids really for that matter... but that does not stop us from having a little fun after lunch.

Last week Quinny came back from lunch 10 minutes early everyday to play with the most entertaining member of the Monhegan School, Millie!!!

This "game" that Millie and Quinn played was more like a wrestling match. Quinn would throw himself on the beanbags screaming like a crazy man and Millie would dive on top of him, butt wiggling and tongue flailing!

Quinn would then roll away and cover himself with beanbags and Millie would play "Find the Screaming Quinny!!!"

She was ALWAYS able to find him and make him laugh!! Right in the arm pit, nice one Millie!

I don't know, by the look of Q's face... Millie has got him beat!

Recess or not... we know Millie is the best school entertainment off the coast of Maine.

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