Friday, September 16, 2011

Exploration Proposal

In social studies this trimester we will be learning about Early American Explorers. I wanted to start the boys off thinking about what goes into planning an exploration. I gave them the assignment to write up a proposal for an exploration they wanted to take to any place in the entire world. I gave them a budget of $4,000 dollars and one week to explore. At first they were super pumped until the realized how expensive and complicated travel and exploring can be!

They first had to figure out when they were going to take their trip and then start looking for plane tickets to their destination of choice. Traveling from an island is complicated with boat schedules and having to stay over night inshore and renting cars to get to the airport or taking a bus... I don't think the boys had any idea how much work they were going to have to do to plan this exploration trip!

Quinn choose to explore Egypt and Dalton is planning on exploring the Virgin Islands. For their proposal they have to include a detailed itinerary of their week and a budget! They will write this all up and turn it into the Department of Exploration (also known as me) and I will either approve their proposal or send it back for modifications. It has been a very fun project so far... stay tuned for updates... Maybe the boys can send you a post card from their exploration destination!

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