Wednesday, March 28, 2012

100 Day!

100 day has been a long time coming at the Monhegan School! We were suppose to celebrate 100 day about 2 to 3 weeks ago, but we lost track of the school days during the holidays and then with field trips and other events we got totally behind. But you know what I say about 100 day? Better late than never!!

The morning question asked what the kids would want 100 of...
Margaret said 100 Noras.
Quinn said 100 hundred dollar bills.
I said 100 Millies.
Millie said 100 mud puddles!

Dalton was inshore getting his bottom braces on so it left Quinn and Margaret to handle the 100 day festivities. First up... baking!!! Obviously they could handle that... BUT I think the were shocked when I told them that we REALLY were going to make 100 baked goods! Margaret had to figure out how many pans of mini-cupcakes we would have to bake to get to 100! That was some major adding.

Can you believe it... 100 mini cupcakes!

It's 100 day people! We had to go big or go home!

Time to taste test!


Margaret approves!

After our baking was taken care of it was time to create our 100 caterpillar!
You may remember our last kindergartner, Wyatt, created a 100 snake... when Margaret heard about this project she wanted in on the fun too... but she thought a caterpillar that turned into a 100 butterfly would be more her style! I couldn't have agreed with her more!

Look at those gorgeous numbers!

almost there... 99...



That's a mighty big caterpillar!

We had to go outside to have enough room to roll the entire caterpillar out!

Happy 100 day!

Middle School Retreat - Day 3!

Our last day together was bitter sweet! We were excited for all the activities we had planned but everyone was sad that it was the end of our time together!

We started bright and early outside our hotel for game to literally WAKE US UP!

Meet Captain Carl, (Also known as Michael, the awesome middle school teacher from Swan's Island).
He lead us in a rousing round of "Captain Carl" also known as "Simon Says on Steroids!" Sounds like fun, huh?!?

You have to salute anytime you hear "Captain Carl!" 

"Walking the plank!"

After game time was over the kids were given the opportunity to write letters to themselves that Rob would mail to them next school year! This is a pretty awesome idea since some of these kids may be in high school next year!

Lots of big transitions for these boys, so it was cool that they got some time to get their thoughts on paper!

More letter writing.

Rob had also brought some special stones that the kids could make necklaces with to keep as a souvenir from the weekend. Such thoughtful activities.

Working on a puzzle that had to do with team work!

Rob had a special little ceremony to honor all the 8th grade students who were heading off to high school next year.

He gave each of the students a special rock that he had found on their home islands.

Very sweet and thoughtful.

These wonderful eighth graders are going to be sorely missed, but we have no doubt they are going to be SUPER successful in high school!

After our closing activities we had to say goodbye to the Swan's Island kids and teachers who had to catch a boat and some of the Matinicus gang... the rest of us stuck around for an activity I had been DYING to do...


We headed to Belfast to the ONLY curling club in the state of Maine! Think shuffle board meets bowling on ice! So much fun!!!

We were provided with some AWESOME curling instructors who taught us the basics of the game.

We were broken up into teams and got  a chance to play a few rounds!

Travis looks like a curling natural!

Good form Austin!

Olivia taking a turn as the team "skip" who helps the person sending the weight know where to "curl" it!

Austin and Quinn were the "sweepers!" I think Quinn wished that all "sweeping" was this much fun!

More sweeping action!

Wow! Wipeout!

Joe was an EXCELLENT sweeping partner!

Travis as the "skip!"

Anne and Rob working together!

Joe was our secret weapon!

Go Quinny go!

Love these faces!

Awwww, time to say goodbye and THANK YOU to our beloved Rob, for making all of this fun possible!


What a great time with such great people!
 Thank you for everyone who made this such a fun and special retreat! We are so grateful!

Middle School Retreat - Day 2: Night Activities!

After a long day of fun and excitement it was time for some FOOD!

Pizza making! It is so genius to have these kids in on the food prep! And they are all so good at it.

Mmmm.... Middle School Cake!

Travis was trying to get extra sleep anytime and anywhere he could! He was a chaperone super star!

After dinner Rob had this amazing Labyrinth activity planned for all of us!

There were all these amazing stations with a lot of simple activities that encouraged self reflection and thought. It was so lovely.

The kids worked in small groups going to each of the activity centers around the maze.

It was so lovely watching them quietly move around, reading to each other, and spending some time together thinking and being. 

Love this one. 

In this activity they got to spend some time thinking about heavy thoughts and concerns they carry around with them day to day. They held stones while they reflected on those worries and concerns and then let the rocks go into a bowl of water; representing them letting go of their day to day struggles during this time together.

Of course, the kids still managed to find a way to add some pure silliness to the activity!

But silliness is always welcomed at the MSR.

It was a pretty cool activity! Thanks Rob!

At the last station the kids got to plant seeds that they would bring back to their islands.

We finished the night we a few more games... like super-sized jenga.

And this human battleship type game.

By the end of the night everyone looked exhausted but so happy!