Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sugarloaf Trip - Day 1!

It is hard to believe that we just got back from our fifth and final (at least for me) field trip to Sugarloaf, USA!!! It was SUCH a fantastic trip for so many reasons! One of the big ones is that we got to ski for THREE WHOLE DAYS!

We left Monhegan Monday, had a PERFECT boat ride, ate a massive lunch at Moody's Diner and traveled to our "cabin" that night. We had a quiet, relaxing evening to rest up so we were ready to "ripe it up" the next day!

The first morning started with some snuggling with the dogs! (My Dad and Step-Mom brought their dogs... which we always love!)

Hey! Who's that tall guy!? Another reason this trip was so great! Our favorite high school sophomore joined our school for the week!

This kid has been waiting for Sugarloaf for the entire winter! LET'S DO IT!

First stop... the amazing, ever-fabulous, super-duper guest services who always give us everything we need to enjoy our Sugarloaf week! THANK YOU KIM! YOU ARE SERIOUSLY THE BEST!

3 Day Passes! Woohoo!

First day... clear to the top!

Quinn and Margaret both had lessons the first morning, so Dalton had four adults all to himself! 

Dalton at the top!

Time to rock!

The traditional chair lift shot!

Looks like a natural.

After a few runs with Dalton I headed down the mountain to see if I could find Margaret in her lessons! Here she is! Her first time on skis and boy, did she do great!

So cute in her little ski team vest! She LOVED her lessons! Thank you Sugarloaf for setting her up with some great instructors!

I also spotted some other kids I knew in lessons, those are two of our buddies from Isle Au Haut Schools who just happened to be skiing at Sugarloaf the same week! YAY!

We stopped mid-day for lunch! Big thanks to Jenn for bringing us lunch everyday! We were hungry from all of our time on the mountain!

Hanging out with the Isle Au Haut kids! So fun having them around!

That afternoon Margaret and I took on the bunny slopes together! Look at that pizza formation! She is a  natural. 

Love this picture. Such happy faces!

The fog was setting in at the end of our day! Just gorgeous.

End of day one and we were pretty happy! Our fifth trip to Sugarloaf started off with a bang!

That night we headed to Isle Au Haut's super nice cabin for a mexican dinner!

Mmmm.... look at all those fixings!

Such a great flashback to last year's trip with Isle Au Haut!

Big Cousin Gabe! So sweet. 

Sheila was so excited for our big meal!

The Monhegan big boys and Margaret! 

Dalton collecting dishes! I love how helpful this kid has gotten with age! 

Time to get silly!

Travis and Dalton stalking the other kids upstairs!

And that is what I had been waiting for all night! Lisa's famous chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting!!!! SO DELICIOUS!

Margaret agreed!

Full tummies!

Happy and sleepy people!

After dinner it was time to play some games!

They taught us a game called "Earth, Wind, and Fire!"

It was a great time and a wonderful way to end our first day at the Loaf. Boy, are we lucky.

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