Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Christmas Play!

The Monhegan School Christmas Play was another home-run. The Christmas Play and I have a love-hate relationship that I think has rubbed off on the entire school. We always kind of dread the holiday season knowing that the play is upon us and all the work, preparation, time, and stress we need to dedicate to making the play great. We began the tradition of always writing our own play which is so fun and rewarding because it is more "us" and always quite funny and entertaining... and we usually try to work in some kind of moral... even though I think often the moral is... let's have some fun.
This year we knew we were in for a challenge with only having the three kids and not a whole lot of ideas for creating a play that could work for our very small cast... we had an idea we were going to go with but then three weeks before the play our noble seventh grader came up with an even better plot for our play and we had to start over from scratch, very last minute. Can you FEEL the stress this caused the very fragile teacher?!
Anyways, everything worked out brilliantly thanks to my ever-dependable friend and school hero Donna... my fabulous and stress free students, and lots and lots of FABULOUS community members who were willing to dedicate some time and talent to our show (cough, cough, Kathie, Angela, Travis, Tara, and of course... McPants!)

Before we knew it... it was opening (and closing) night!

Everything was set.... the trap tree was adorned with its beautiful lights.

Maya was decked out in her festive wear.

The school was transformed into our beautiful dinning hall (Thank you Marian and crew!)

Lights! Camera! Action! Director Dalton with his opening monologue!

Our opening scene...

Scene two took place in Port Clyde of course!

Any guesses which little bunny stole the show?

Thank GOD for Donna! I am pretty sure she is up for best female actress in a dramatic film for her role as Bob the Fisherman/Ballerina.

Quinn as "Jeff" the boat line guy.

Jessie as Mr. Bryan Hitchcock... I only hope I did my pal justice in this role!

Donna juggling and singing "Like a Prayer." Have I mentioned that she is my hero?

Miss M and I busted a move to "All the Single Ladies."

Blue Sky Sun Dancer!

And Santa Clause!

Some fabulous guitar playing!

After our production the REAL Santa came to visit!

He KNOWS that Margaret is on his nice list!

We aren't so sure about what list Mr. D is on!

For your viewing pleasure... I present Monhegan School's 2010 Christmas Play: OPEN CALL!

Part 1:

Part Two:

I am sure this will be out soon in Blue Ray and DVD! Thank you to everyone who made this years play a hit! It was a blast!!!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Monhegan Christmas Morning!

We had our very own Christmas morning at the Monhegan School. We always have a celebration on the day of the play and last year we started the new tradition of having the students and their families come for a festive breakfast. Unfortunately Margaret and her family were off island in the morning along with the boys' mama so we had a small gathering for breakfast but it was still delicious!

The table was set!

Candles, grapefruit, and BROWN SUGAR!

Home-Made sticky buns. Good lord. Delicious.

We also had eggs, bacon, and croissants! YES!

We filled up fast with all this good food.

Scout was willing to help lighten the load... but we didn't think the sticky buns would be good for him.

Breakfast was a success!

Then it was time for the exchanging of presents... yet another famous Monhegan tradition!

Donna first!

Donna got the boys motorized helicopters!

Can you say... best. gift. ever!

Actually, the best gift ever is this home-made basket Donna made me... she rocks!

Donna with her new hat, earrings, and bumper sticker!

Time to get the helicopters working!

Good thing these guys are little tech-wizards.

And we have lift-off! These little helicopters were SO cool!

Then it was time for the traditional game playing while we waiting for Margaret to arrive!

And then another round of presents!

Quinn with his "Peace. Love. And Explosives!" shirt!

Dalton opening his gift from Margaret!

Quinn with his new book... of course it has weapons in it!

Maya wanted to help open some presents too!

Margaret seems to be liking her new book! It is about llamas! Who wouldn't love a book about llamas!?

Dalton was very happy with our Christmas festivities!

Look at all my wonderful gifts! I have the best students in the whole wide world!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Deck the Halls!

The day before the play it was time to deck the halls of our little schoolhouse with some festive cheer. We brought all the Christmas boxes down from the attic to decorate and I think we did a mighty fine job.

The Black Duck gave us some "spray paint snow" for our windows. Please just imagine how pumped the boys were to use this stuff.

Time to decorate our Charlie Brown tree. Lots of garland always makes a tree beautiful!

Now time for lights.

Lots of lights.

Too bad half of our lights were broken...and tangled.

Maya decided that this was a good nap time.

We finished decorating our tree...

And then decided to decorate our dog.

Happy Holidays!