Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Crafts

It sure has been fun to have a pre-schooler at school during the holiday season! We get to do all kinds of fun and creative holiday crafts that I haven't really done for a while since the boys are getting older and older.

Our first craft was an "Count Down" to Christmas calendar that we made out of a Christmas Tree. Not only is it adorable but it was fun to work with all the numbers and put them in order for the countdown.

Miss M decorated the tree and painted the ornaments that we would write the numbers on for the count-down.

Then we used velcro to put the number ornaments on the tree!

The other holiday craft we made was the traditional paper plate wreath! I remember making these in school and I LOVED it.

Watching all this crafting Mr. Q got in on the holiday decorating.

He used his break time to decorate this pretty spiffy Christmas tree light.

We also ended up making some ornaments for the Black Duck tree. Quinn made some spectacular stockings.

I made a peace wreath and Maya made herself in a stocking. It is amazing what those big paws are capable of.

And Daltini made this lovely tree.

Ah, holidays.

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