Thursday, December 16, 2010

STORMS equipment!

We had an early Christmas at school after I returned from a weekend conference to learn about the STORMS project that is being sponsored by the Island Institute! STORMS stands for Students and Teachers Observing and Recording Meteorological Systems (say that ten times fast!) and it is a one year program that we are going to take part with (along with some of our other island schools partners... can you say collaboration!?)
I let the boys open the two big boxes I brought back with me from the conference! All of the equipment is given to participating schools by the Island Institute! (THANK YOU!)

What middle school boys wouldn't like a box filled with cool technological stuff!

YES! A new GPS!


Then there was Quinn who was excited about the packaging that the weather station came in because that piece of cardboard was going to be "perfect!" for his lego guys. Oh Quinny.

Dalton was ALLL about setting up the weather station. However we were going to have to wait until this little thing called the Christmas play was done and over with.

Quinn figured out the temperature and humidity with ease thanks to this new thermometer!

Both of the guys can't wait to jump into our STORMS project after vacation!

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