Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Tree Hunting

And yet another Christmas tradition... searching for our school's Christmas tree! We were excited for Margaret to join us this year for our tree hunting adventure. Of course it was FREEZING outside so we bundled up and headed out in search for our perfect tree.

We had lots of detours for ice stomping and snow crunching.

M & M did a lot of racing!

Last year we got our tree from Cathedral Woods... so this year we went searching off the Red Ribbon Trail.

Where oh where could our little tree be??

Of course as the oldest student it was up to Dalton to find our perfect tree... and cut it down.

Got it!

Mission accomplished... next stop: Ice Pond

We did some scientific testing (AKA throwing big rocks onto the ice) to see how much longer until we can skate.
We hypothesize that it will be ready for us after Christmas!

Back to school we go.

Need to trim the tree... literally.

A little team work to get our very thin tree into the very big tree stand.

Our totally perfect imperfect tree!

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