Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Science Class Show and Tell

The boys got to share their final presentations for there study of "The History of Life on Earth" with our buddies on Islesford. All the olders from both Monhegan and Islesford were asked the same final assessment question which instructed them to make a hypothesis about why a certain species of plant or animal went extinct. After they made their hypothesis then need to do some research to prove whether they were right or wrong. Finally they got to present their findings to their peers in the form of a powerpoint or other forma presentation.

We got to test out a new element of our Tanberg unit... the "Presentaion" mode! Dalton hooked up his slide show to the Tanberg so that the Islesford kids could see it on their monitor and still hear Dalton's voice. Very, very cool.

All of the kids did a great job with there presentations and it was so interesting to learn about all the different species and how they all ended up going extinct for different reasons!

I love our virtual classroom.

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