Friday, May 27, 2011


Last night was May BINGO! We took a bit of a hiatus from BINGO this year... mostly because we didn't have enough time and energy with all the other projects we had going on... but we wanted to squeeze one more game in before summer vacation!

The May prizes included all kinds of do-dads that you can use outside on Monhegan!

Of course we had to utilize BINGO night to also try and sell our bags!

$5.00 clearance bags were a big hit!

We got the popcorn maker cranking and even added butter and salt (a luxury at BINGO night!)

Dalton gave the opening speech and called the first round.

Millie channeled Maya and tried to get as many snacks as possible.
(I am pretty sure I have the exact same photo of Maya trying to get popcorn off this table!)

Tables were full!

And everyone was ready for some good ol' BINGO playing...

One of the first rounds was won by Travis...

Angela sporting the prize.

Oh man, it wouldn't be a spring time BINGO without the shouts and hollers of Norma!

She was pretty excited to win the "glow in the dark" hat.

Quinn's turn to call.

Checking Marlene's cards...

And then of course... who was the next winner who won the pirate costume?

You guessed it, Billy B.
You do know the "B" stands for "BINGO," right?

Travis won AGAIN! We were starting to think the family was riggin' the game.

But who could suspect these innocent faces!?

Tom Martin won a round! He won some grape scented bubbles! Wowsers!

Schooner looking on.

Last round of the night... cover all!

And the May champion is...
Amber Phillips!
She said that none of her friends wanted to come to BINGO with her! But I bet they are sorry now!

Last scene of the night... Billy got a little to into his role of the island Pirate.
Guess he was a tad upset about not being the May Champ!


Moment of the Day: Quinn's Style

Mr. Q came to school yesterday in this rockin' outfit.

The socks with the sneakers and shorts just made my day. This kids has got style.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Final Science Projects with Islesford!

We wrapped up our science unit with the Islesford School last week! We had been working in two separate groups researching the topics of "genetics" and "multiple births" and we meet via the Tanberg to present our findings on each topic.

Dalton was in the "genetics" group that was led by the teacher on Islesford. He worked with two other students on a presentation about genetics. At the beginning of their presentation they went over some vocabulary words that are used when studying genetics!

Next we learned about dominant and recessive genes.

Dalton then presented how to use a Punnet Square to find out the likely hood of genes being passed down through generations.

Punnet squares are just so cool!

After the genetics presentation Quinn and his partner from Islesford presented their slide show about multiple births!

They presented information about identical, fraternal, and conjoined twins and how all those types of births are formed inside the woman's body. They also presented about how triplet and larger multiple births are formed and the risks that are associated with those types of births.

The presentations were terrific and it was so cool that each of the boys got to work in different groups with different kids on their science projects!

Thanks Islesford for being our extended school family this year!

Quinn's Final Book Group Project

For Quinn's final book group he read The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. His book group included students from Cliff and Islesford Island. For his final project he had to adapt a scene from the book and make it into a movie. He had to first write out the script with dialogue and stage directions. He created a cast and staged out where the scene would take place. Then after we filmed he had to edit the movie to create the final project!

Here is the final result...

Monday, May 23, 2011

Bird Watching

We were going a little stir-crazy last week after we postponed kickball due to all the rain... so we decided to brave the elements and go on a bird walk! We are lucky enough to have a bird researcher who has been on island for almost a year now tracking bird migrations. His name is Tom and he is SUPER smart and nice and willing to take us around to enjoy the birds of Monhegan.

We got our binoculars and headed out searching for birds and boy did we find them!

Tom let us use his fancy scope! It is amazing how clear you can see those little creatures through that thing!

We saw two different species of orioles, morning doves, cat birds, cardinals, and TONS of warblers!

We headed down to the beach where a bunch of warblers were still hanging out eating sand fleas.

Tom was telling us how the warblers were so tired the day before from migrating so far that they were eating out of people's hands!

They were so beautiful and it was great to get outside and enjoy the beauty we are surrounded by everyday!

Thanks Tom for a great bird walk!

Pre-School Happenings...

Lots of fun things happening in Pre-K these days...

Print-making like the big boys do!

Working with Millie close by!

Some fabulous chickens made by Miss M. They will be displayed in the art show next week at school.

Some fun with playdough!

It's a bunny with a mighty big carrot.

Some major math happening!

And more crafts... with Millie nearby!

Miss M is totally ready for kindergarten!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

LAST CHANCE to ORDER Bag-Tastic bags

Listen up folks! The school year is coming quickly to an end so this is your LAST chance to order these FABULOUS hand-printed tote bags from the Monhegan School!

We will be taking orders until JUNE 3rd and then we are retiring the bags for the year and will only be selling them at school events... BUT if you want a CUSTOM-MADE bag... here is your chance.

We have THREE new designs to add to the mix. We can print the bags in ANY of the following colors: orange, red, blue, black, or green. We can do multi-color AND/OR color details to any of the designs.

To order your bag please email us at
Include in your email:
-Your name and mailing address
- How many bags you would like to order and what designs and colors you would like

Remember each bag is $10.oo which includes shipping and handling!
And for every bag sold we will donate $1.00 to help relief efforts happening in Japan!

Don't miss out on this opportunity!

Here are our designs...
Design #1: Quinn's Tree

Design #2: Quinn's Paw

Design #3: Quinn's Orca

Design #4: Dalton's "Scout"

Design 5: Dalton's "Jonny"

Design #6: Dalton's "Stanley"

Design #7: Dalton's "Abstract Faces"

Design #8: Donna's "Chickens"

Design #9: Jessie's "Island Sun"

Design #10: Jessie's "Happy Buddha"

Design #11: Jessie's "Peace"

Design #12: Dalton's "Sugarloaf"

Design #13: Quinn and Margaret's "Robot/Girl Kickball" (as seen on the back of our kickball shirts!)

Design #14: Jessie's "BONGOS" (in honor of Maya!)

And all of our bags are copyrighted with the Monhegan School print on the back!

So send us an email today to order your bag!!!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Inter-Island Field Trip: Final Day = STORMS event in Orono!

Our last day of our field trip started with us packing up and leaving camp to drive to Orono for the STORMS event we had been preparing for! We were all SO tired for all of our events from the week that our energy level was pretty low but we still had a great time at Orono, especially because we got to still be with all of our island friends! (We hate leaving them!)

Our poster all set up.

We were happy because we were set up right next to the Matinicus School!

Once all the posters were set up we had a "poster session" where students, teachers, parents, and other interested folks came around to all the posters to see what all the individual schools worked on during the STORMS project. Quinn and Dalton took turns staying at the poster to answer questions and looking around at the other school's projects.

There were a lot of interested people who asked some great questions about our work.

The boys were most proud of the movie they created with Matinicus. We had the movie playing at our table while people walked around. Here is Millie being interviewed about her thoughts on weather and how it affects her life. It is quite riveting.

Still being goofy.

Matinicus did a GREAT job on their project! Just beautiful!

Here is Cliff Island School's poster!

They had a chart that compared all of our island school's wind speed data. Monhegan's data was labeled green... pretty windy!

The kids favorite part of the day? Lunch time in the cafeteria... pretty cool for kids who always go home for lunch!

The Outer Islands TLC 5th grade class!

After lunch we went to a few workshops... the kids all got compasses that they used to walk around the campus.

At the first workshop they got to count tree rings and graph the information to chart tree growth along with climate change.

Dalton working with a friend from Frenchboro.

Lots of "thinking" faces.

We got to go to the University's ice core lab! It was SO cool.

Sure do wish we had science lab's like this at our island schools!

Oh you know, just some ice from Antarctica!

After a crazy long, busy, exciting day that came at the end of a super long, busy, exciting, awesome week we packed up our cars and headed home.

Thank you to EVERYONE who made this trip possible! (ESPECIALLY ANNE!) It was one for the books!

Inter-Island Field Trip: Third Day!

Onto Day 3! What a busy and awesome day it was! We headed to the Maine State House bright and early. As we walked in Quinn asked, "Is this as big as the White House!?" He was in totally awe!

We had a very special breakfast planned for us at the State House. All of the island students had written to their local representatives and asked them to join us for breakfast.

We had a small group of kids prepared to talk with the legislators specifically about our TLC project and then the entire group got a chance to ask the legislators about the work they do for our islands and for our state.

It was so wonderful to watch the kids interact with the representatives and they were so excited that they cared enough to come for breakfast!

Here we are with Legislator McCain who represents Monhegan! Quinn was so excited/nervous I thought he was going to pass out.

After breakfast the olders got to go to the House Chamber to watch a real Legislative Session! The coolest part is that the Speaker of the House recognized us and we got a round of applause from the entire House! We felt like superstars!

We then got a very special tour of the State House that included the Senate Chamber.

And the Senate President's private office!

Sitting in the Senate President's chair!

Future politician!?

We headed back down to the House Chamber to get a "behind the scenes" tour.

These kids were pretty enthralled by the tour! So much to see and learn!

Long list of representatives!

Looking up at the dome!

So beautiful! Unfortunately my camera died after this shot but we got to go to the Blaine House next for another tour. Talk about gorgeous! All the kids wanted to live there! It was such an amazing day filled with so much history and information about our state. We left the capitol feeling so proud of our state's history and government! It was awesome!

Once we got settled back at camp and my camera charged back up we played some board games before dinner.

Favorite meal of the week.... PIZZA!

Quinn doing the pizza dance!

Clean up!

The 8th grader of the group signing his own "surprise" graduation card. Guess it wasn't much of a surprise!

But we had a few other tricks up our sleeve!

Like sparkling cider and lemonade for a special toast to our 8th grader!

And yes... another cake!

We also had a special "thank-you" card for our AMAZING Anne!

Delicious!!!! We are going to miss this face next year!

Teacher and student!

This little guy LOVED the cake.

Next it was time to take a whole lot of pictures of everyone!

What a bunch of cuties!

Quinny and Anne!

7th grade BFFs.


Depressed Middle Schoolers.

5th graders verses 7th graders.

Ready. Set. Fight!

And the teachers!

5th grade photo!

The teachers just being crazy!

Dance party in the kitchen!

Bust a move.

Last night of the field trip... the teacher's are officially exhausted.