Wednesday, May 18, 2011

LAST CHANCE to ORDER Bag-Tastic bags

Listen up folks! The school year is coming quickly to an end so this is your LAST chance to order these FABULOUS hand-printed tote bags from the Monhegan School!

We will be taking orders until JUNE 3rd and then we are retiring the bags for the year and will only be selling them at school events... BUT if you want a CUSTOM-MADE bag... here is your chance.

We have THREE new designs to add to the mix. We can print the bags in ANY of the following colors: orange, red, blue, black, or green. We can do multi-color AND/OR color details to any of the designs.

To order your bag please email us at
Include in your email:
-Your name and mailing address
- How many bags you would like to order and what designs and colors you would like

Remember each bag is $10.oo which includes shipping and handling!
And for every bag sold we will donate $1.00 to help relief efforts happening in Japan!

Don't miss out on this opportunity!

Here are our designs...
Design #1: Quinn's Tree

Design #2: Quinn's Paw

Design #3: Quinn's Orca

Design #4: Dalton's "Scout"

Design 5: Dalton's "Jonny"

Design #6: Dalton's "Stanley"

Design #7: Dalton's "Abstract Faces"

Design #8: Donna's "Chickens"

Design #9: Jessie's "Island Sun"

Design #10: Jessie's "Happy Buddha"

Design #11: Jessie's "Peace"

Design #12: Dalton's "Sugarloaf"

Design #13: Quinn and Margaret's "Robot/Girl Kickball" (as seen on the back of our kickball shirts!)

Design #14: Jessie's "BONGOS" (in honor of Maya!)

And all of our bags are copyrighted with the Monhegan School print on the back!

So send us an email today to order your bag!!!!!

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