Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Final Science Projects with Islesford!

We wrapped up our science unit with the Islesford School last week! We had been working in two separate groups researching the topics of "genetics" and "multiple births" and we meet via the Tanberg to present our findings on each topic.

Dalton was in the "genetics" group that was led by the teacher on Islesford. He worked with two other students on a presentation about genetics. At the beginning of their presentation they went over some vocabulary words that are used when studying genetics!

Next we learned about dominant and recessive genes.

Dalton then presented how to use a Punnet Square to find out the likely hood of genes being passed down through generations.

Punnet squares are just so cool!

After the genetics presentation Quinn and his partner from Islesford presented their slide show about multiple births!

They presented information about identical, fraternal, and conjoined twins and how all those types of births are formed inside the woman's body. They also presented about how triplet and larger multiple births are formed and the risks that are associated with those types of births.

The presentations were terrific and it was so cool that each of the boys got to work in different groups with different kids on their science projects!

Thanks Islesford for being our extended school family this year!

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