Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Inter-Island Field Trip: Night #1

So, we just got back from the most AMAZING inter-island field trip! We left Monhegan last Monday and traveled to South China, Maine to stay at "The Friends Camp" which is this FANTASTIC summer camp! We were joined by our friends from the Islesford, Matinicus, Isle au Haut, and Cliff Island schools! We had the camp all to ourselves which included a huge kitchen and dining hall, recreation hall, two HUGE fields, and tons of little cabins where we all slept in bunk beds! SO FUN!

When we arrived Monday we helped bring in all the food that our FABULOUS island fellow, Anne (also known as Field Trip Super Woman!) stuffed into her tiny car and hauled to the camp! LOOK AT ALL THAT FOOD!!!

After we put away all the food it took about 2.2 seconds before the kids were all outside running around with each other!

And it took about 5.5 seconds before we were playing, you guessed it... the inter-island game of choice, CAPTURE THE FLAG!

After exhausting ourselves outside we all congregated inside to play some bored games before dinner in the dining hall! I LOVED this dining hall!!

Time to ring the dinner bell! We had a delicious pot luck!

Then it was back outside for another round of field games!

We played shark and minnows... Dalton was the shark, obviously!

Then dessert!

We had a celebration on night one... it was a birthday celebration for one of the chaperone's from Cliff!

This was just ONE of the MANY celebrations we had during the week!

We were all ready for an early bed on night one... especially since we had SO many things to look forward to for the rest of the week!

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