Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Inter-Island Field Trip: DAY TWO!!

Day two began with a trip to the Maine State Museum. I feel like this museum is like a little hidden gem in the state of Maine. It is just chalk FULL of awesome exhibits and TONS of information about Maine's history! Not to mention the museum workers are great and full of knowledge!

We first let the kids have some free time to explore some of the exhibits before our programs began.

Checking out some very old and very large wolf skeletons... too cool.

Then we separated the olders and youngers for their programs.

The olders did a special program called "The importance of Iron" where they learned about the important role iron has played in Maine economy.

These programs are extremely hands-on!

We checked out the new exhibit at the museum called "Home in Maine." They have tons of rooms set up like "Maine homes" throughout history...

This room was pretty groovy!

After the museum we went to Fort Western but had a little down time so we played some funny improv games.

Silly Mrs. Baker.

Rock out man.

We modeled people into statues.

It was a pretty good way to pass the time.

I think they were suppose to be fairy princesses.

We had a picnic lunch outside of Fort Western.

And then it was time for a group picture!

The teachers joined.

Say cheeeese!

We split up into groups again for more programs.

My group did a program called "Pilgrims and Indian Trade."

The kids had to role play what it would have been like for Native Americans and European settlers to try and trade when they had so many cultural differences. Very interesting.

Quinn was in a program colonial weapons like rifles and canons... right up his ally!

More pictures in between programs!

Quinn and his buddy from Matinicus!

More pictures!

Land ho!!!

Our last program of the day at Fort Western was called "Town Meeting" that had the kids take part in a simulation about how colonial people ran their towns and made decisions.

It was hysterical! Dalton was the moderator and we voted on a town clerk. The kids made decisions about keeping pigs penned, public school, paying taxes for church, and having stock holds in the town.

Back at camp we had dinner and another celebration! A very special birthday!

Look at all those candles!

Another full and busy day! Awesome.

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