Monday, May 2, 2011

Robotics Track Meet 2011

We attended the 2011 Southern Maine Robotics Track Meet this past weekend and it was a great time! The weather was gorgeous for traveling and we were all in good spirits. We headed off island on Friday and got to go to Moody's for lunch! YES!!! I haven't been to Moody's since our Sugarloaf trip TWO YEARS ago... so I was excited.

Since the Track Meet was in Auburn we decided to stay at my father's house in Westbrook because they allow dogs :)

As soon as we arrived the boys showed my dad their robots! It is always good to practice before the meet!

Millie and Bella were reunited, always a good thing!

The boys quickly discovered the swing in the backyard. We do not have any swings on Monhegan... so this was a big hit!

They even took turns swinging and pushing! I need to get a swing for our school!

Playing in the backyard... Millie was on cloud 9!

Then my dad got out another toy... a big blue plastic gas can.

Who knew this would be such a hit?!

All we had to do was walk on it...

But that is not as easy to do as you would think!

Quinn's turn!

Paul kept showing us how it should be done.

Even my step-mom, Sheila gave it a whirl.

After lots of playing outside it was time to heat up the grill.

Dig in!

Hamburgers, homemade french-fries, and chocolate milk shakes! A perfect meal!!!

Saturday morning we drove to Auburn middle school bright and early for the meet! The nerves were high and we were all excited.

Looks like Dalton was sizing up the competition!

The Diamond Studded Samurai Puppies!

Quinny checking in his bridge!

Can you believe that we were the smallest team there!?

Time to check out the awards! Fingers crossed!

Dalton fastest robot!

Watch it fly!

Quinn's turn!

See it for yourself!

Oh, did I mention that my dad came with us!? He was our cheerleader... but the boys called him Paul the Plummeter... because I guess he plummets people. Oh boys.

Quinn really liked the beverage selection (don't worry he did NOT drink all of those sodas!)

Beating up on poor Paul.

Getting ready for the Ping Pong Shot-Put event!!!!

He did three different rounds and his best round counted for his score.

Quinn helped him with loading the robot.

Dalton's winning round! He got 81 points!! 30 more points than anyone competing!

Then it was time for the bridge event... Quinn had some stiff competition!

This was one of the winning designs!

Time to set up Quinn's bridge!

Looks good... but unfortunately in broke early on. But Quinny kept his chin up and he had a lot of people (including strangers cheering him on!)

When it was time for awards we were all very excited. Dalton won FIRST PLACE for his "ping-pong shot-put" robot! (This is his second year winning first place in this category!)

And Quinn won a "Gold Standard" award for his fastest robot!

I was one proud teacher!

We spent the rest of the weekend celebrating with ice cream, chinese food, and movies! By Sunday morning we were exhausted and ready to go home!

Quinn sporting his new Robotics shirt!

I would say it was yet another successful, eventful, and overall fantastic Monhegan School Field Trip!

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