Monday, May 23, 2011

Bird Watching

We were going a little stir-crazy last week after we postponed kickball due to all the rain... so we decided to brave the elements and go on a bird walk! We are lucky enough to have a bird researcher who has been on island for almost a year now tracking bird migrations. His name is Tom and he is SUPER smart and nice and willing to take us around to enjoy the birds of Monhegan.

We got our binoculars and headed out searching for birds and boy did we find them!

Tom let us use his fancy scope! It is amazing how clear you can see those little creatures through that thing!

We saw two different species of orioles, morning doves, cat birds, cardinals, and TONS of warblers!

We headed down to the beach where a bunch of warblers were still hanging out eating sand fleas.

Tom was telling us how the warblers were so tired the day before from migrating so far that they were eating out of people's hands!

They were so beautiful and it was great to get outside and enjoy the beauty we are surrounded by everyday!

Thanks Tom for a great bird walk!

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