Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Inter-Island Field Trip: Third Day!

Onto Day 3! What a busy and awesome day it was! We headed to the Maine State House bright and early. As we walked in Quinn asked, "Is this as big as the White House!?" He was in totally awe!

We had a very special breakfast planned for us at the State House. All of the island students had written to their local representatives and asked them to join us for breakfast.

We had a small group of kids prepared to talk with the legislators specifically about our TLC project and then the entire group got a chance to ask the legislators about the work they do for our islands and for our state.

It was so wonderful to watch the kids interact with the representatives and they were so excited that they cared enough to come for breakfast!

Here we are with Legislator McCain who represents Monhegan! Quinn was so excited/nervous I thought he was going to pass out.

After breakfast the olders got to go to the House Chamber to watch a real Legislative Session! The coolest part is that the Speaker of the House recognized us and we got a round of applause from the entire House! We felt like superstars!

We then got a very special tour of the State House that included the Senate Chamber.

And the Senate President's private office!

Sitting in the Senate President's chair!

Future politician!?

We headed back down to the House Chamber to get a "behind the scenes" tour.

These kids were pretty enthralled by the tour! So much to see and learn!

Long list of representatives!

Looking up at the dome!

So beautiful! Unfortunately my camera died after this shot but we got to go to the Blaine House next for another tour. Talk about gorgeous! All the kids wanted to live there! It was such an amazing day filled with so much history and information about our state. We left the capitol feeling so proud of our state's history and government! It was awesome!

Once we got settled back at camp and my camera charged back up we played some board games before dinner.

Favorite meal of the week.... PIZZA!

Quinn doing the pizza dance!

Clean up!

The 8th grader of the group signing his own "surprise" graduation card. Guess it wasn't much of a surprise!

But we had a few other tricks up our sleeve!

Like sparkling cider and lemonade for a special toast to our 8th grader!

And yes... another cake!

We also had a special "thank-you" card for our AMAZING Anne!

Delicious!!!! We are going to miss this face next year!

Teacher and student!

This little guy LOVED the cake.

Next it was time to take a whole lot of pictures of everyone!

What a bunch of cuties!

Quinny and Anne!

7th grade BFFs.


Depressed Middle Schoolers.

5th graders verses 7th graders.

Ready. Set. Fight!

And the teachers!

5th grade photo!

The teachers just being crazy!

Dance party in the kitchen!

Bust a move.

Last night of the field trip... the teacher's are officially exhausted.


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