Tuesday, May 17, 2011

STORMS project preparation!

With the final STORMS event that took place in Orono quickly approaching the boys had to put the pedal to the metal and complete their STORMS poster that would be on display at the event. We had worked with Matinicus to figure out what we were going to include on the poster but now it was time to put those pieces together.

As you can see we recruited help from our friend Rachel from the Island Institute who came out to visit us the week before we headed to Orono. It was so nice to have an extra pair of hands to cut and paste with us!

Dalton had been mainly working on editing the imovie we created with Matinicus but once he was done with that he came to help put the finishing touches on the poster.

The final layout looked AWESOME!

We had lots of graphs that compared our weather data to the weather data they collected on Matinicus. This graph shows the high and low air pressure data from each of our islands.

And this graph compares our wind speed data! It was a windy winter indeed!

We included some pictures of what we did during our STORMS project.

And here we compared the data we collected for humidity and precipitation. There was definitely a correlation!

Lastly, we had an area where the boys shared their personal perspectives about the project. Overall they really liked learning about the weather and comparing it to the weather that was occurring on other islands. They loved working with other schools via the weather blog and working closely with Matinicus to create their final project!

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