Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Inter-Island Field Trip: Final Day = STORMS event in Orono!

Our last day of our field trip started with us packing up and leaving camp to drive to Orono for the STORMS event we had been preparing for! We were all SO tired for all of our events from the week that our energy level was pretty low but we still had a great time at Orono, especially because we got to still be with all of our island friends! (We hate leaving them!)

Our poster all set up.

We were happy because we were set up right next to the Matinicus School!

Once all the posters were set up we had a "poster session" where students, teachers, parents, and other interested folks came around to all the posters to see what all the individual schools worked on during the STORMS project. Quinn and Dalton took turns staying at the poster to answer questions and looking around at the other school's projects.

There were a lot of interested people who asked some great questions about our work.

The boys were most proud of the movie they created with Matinicus. We had the movie playing at our table while people walked around. Here is Millie being interviewed about her thoughts on weather and how it affects her life. It is quite riveting.

Still being goofy.

Matinicus did a GREAT job on their project! Just beautiful!

Here is Cliff Island School's poster!

They had a chart that compared all of our island school's wind speed data. Monhegan's data was labeled green... pretty windy!

The kids favorite part of the day? Lunch time in the cafeteria... pretty cool for kids who always go home for lunch!

The Outer Islands TLC 5th grade class!

After lunch we went to a few workshops... the kids all got compasses that they used to walk around the campus.

At the first workshop they got to count tree rings and graph the information to chart tree growth along with climate change.

Dalton working with a friend from Frenchboro.

Lots of "thinking" faces.

We got to go to the University's ice core lab! It was SO cool.

Sure do wish we had science lab's like this at our island schools!

Oh you know, just some ice from Antarctica!

After a crazy long, busy, exciting day that came at the end of a super long, busy, exciting, awesome week we packed up our cars and headed home.

Thank you to EVERYONE who made this trip possible! (ESPECIALLY ANNE!) It was one for the books!

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