Friday, May 27, 2011


Last night was May BINGO! We took a bit of a hiatus from BINGO this year... mostly because we didn't have enough time and energy with all the other projects we had going on... but we wanted to squeeze one more game in before summer vacation!

The May prizes included all kinds of do-dads that you can use outside on Monhegan!

Of course we had to utilize BINGO night to also try and sell our bags!

$5.00 clearance bags were a big hit!

We got the popcorn maker cranking and even added butter and salt (a luxury at BINGO night!)

Dalton gave the opening speech and called the first round.

Millie channeled Maya and tried to get as many snacks as possible.
(I am pretty sure I have the exact same photo of Maya trying to get popcorn off this table!)

Tables were full!

And everyone was ready for some good ol' BINGO playing...

One of the first rounds was won by Travis...

Angela sporting the prize.

Oh man, it wouldn't be a spring time BINGO without the shouts and hollers of Norma!

She was pretty excited to win the "glow in the dark" hat.

Quinn's turn to call.

Checking Marlene's cards...

And then of course... who was the next winner who won the pirate costume?

You guessed it, Billy B.
You do know the "B" stands for "BINGO," right?

Travis won AGAIN! We were starting to think the family was riggin' the game.

But who could suspect these innocent faces!?

Tom Martin won a round! He won some grape scented bubbles! Wowsers!

Schooner looking on.

Last round of the night... cover all!

And the May champion is...
Amber Phillips!
She said that none of her friends wanted to come to BINGO with her! But I bet they are sorry now!

Last scene of the night... Billy got a little to into his role of the island Pirate.
Guess he was a tad upset about not being the May Champ!


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