Wednesday, September 21, 2011

That bulletin board is OUT OF THIS WORLD!

After much reviewing and researching the boys were finally ready to put together their "Solar System" bulletin board!

The first step was to figure out what the scale of the planets were going to be ... this took some major calculations!

Then they had to figure out the distance scale of the planets from the sun.... MORE calculating!!!

Once the math was figured out... it was time for a little art... in the form of painting!!!

Good team work fellas!

LOOKS GREAT! But there is still more to do!

The next step was putting up all the mini fact sheets the boys wrote up for each planet!

They also decided it would be a good idea to include a picture of the planet of how it looks from orbit... since our scale made some of our planets REALLY small!

Looking more and more like a solar system to me!

Quinny put a spaceship orbiting his favorite planet... I think he did this just so he could say, "Hey look! The mothership is orbiting Uranus!" Oh man, good stuff.

Jupiter and Saturn looking mighty fine!

Neptune is wayyyy out there!

Lots of great facts for Uranus!

Ta da! I love this bulletin board SO much because the boys designed it all! They are truly out of this world!

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