Friday, September 16, 2011

Weekend Date with Mr. Q

Want to know another perk of my job? I get to see my students on the weekends. This might not always be a positive thing for teachers, but if you had students like mine you would be thrilled! Last weekend I promised a certain someone that I would let him try out my kayak...

So down we went to the beach to give it a whirl. It was a perfect day and super warm so I figured we might get a little wet but that was okay.

We got Quinn's life jacket on and I gave him my "being responsible and smart" lecture and off he went!

Of course Mille couldn't understand why Quinn didn't take her with him!

So Quinn came back for his friend.

And off they went... together.

SO sweet.

Two of my favorite faces. After this little adventure Quinn, Millie, and I all got on the kayak. We rowed out a ways and then Quinn thought it would be a super great idea if he shook the kayak back and forth... needless to say it was a good thing I left my camera at the beach because we all fell out of the kayak and got soaked!

After a change of clothes Q and I met up for a game of cards at our favorite coffee shop!

We were neck and neck.

Not a bad dude to spend your Sunday afternoon with.

These are parts of my life I am going to miss so much after Monhegan.

Tear. Mush. Sad face.

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