Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day Two = Awesome!

Well I think day two was even more awesome than day one... you want to know why? Because we got RIGHT to work!

The morning started with the boys working on some new language arts projects like their new typing program and a fun "soundtrack" to their life project!

Miss Margaret worked on a measuring lesson in math!

Dalton looks wayyyy too happy to be doing work again!

Margaret created a family tree for her special project of the day.

Beautiful family! Beautiful tree!

You know what the best thing about kindergarten is? Sometimes the teacher gets to do the project too!

Quinn starting work on his new "exploration" social studies project.

The boys get to choose one place they want to explore in the world and create a travel plan of how they are going to travel their. Quinn choosed Egypt!!!

Daltini has choosen the Virgin Islands!

The afternoon began with some free reading... Millie's favorite subject since she gets to lay on the bean bags with the boys.

Working on our science bulletin board! Stay tuned for more.

Millie feels the same way I do about the second day!

At the end of the day our favorite art teacher Donna came in for our first art of the year!

Art means that Millie gets to play with her best friend Scout!

If there is one thing these kids are good at, it is art... actually they are good at a lot of things!

Dalton working on his masterpiece.

Loving Quinn's work!


Jessie's finished project!

Dalton's work!

Donna's work!

Donna's second work!

And Quinny's!!!


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