Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gym Class... sort of.

We planned to have a community gym class on a gorgeous September day last week...
We don't have many opportunities to have gym class when there are lots of people around, so we were pretty excited.

Up to the field we went to set up for Ultimate Frisbee!

But then as we got closer we heard a sound coming from the sky... unfortunately an all too familiar sound that we have heard often over the last few weeks... life flight!

Since our ball field doubles for a helicopter landing strip we quickly realized we were not going to have gym class anytime soon. We had take "shelter" on the other side of one of the trucks while the helicopter landed so we wouldn't get dirt in our eyes.

None of us have actually seen life flight land before so that was pretty cool.

We even got a quick tour of the helicopter while some of the emergency crew went to help the person who was injured.

They sure do get a lot of stuff into that little helicopter.

After all that excitement we ended going back down the hill to play bball with the 30 minutes we had left of gym class.

Good thing these kids are flexible and good sports! AND it is a good thing we have services like life flight to keep everyone safe! Good things all around!

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