Tuesday, September 13, 2011

School Nurse Visit!

Lots of big, cool equipment showed up at our school last week... which can only mean one thing...
Our super awesome Nurse Hall came to visit for her (or more like our) "yearly checkup!"

This was Margaret's first time meeting the nurse and getting her hearing and vision tested and she was a champ! She got to wear the super cool "ear muffs!"

And look through the "letter binoculars" to check her eye sight. Good thing this girl already knows all of her letters. Nurse Hall was super impressed!

All the kids were in great health and they are all growing like weeds. Dalton only had two more inches to go before he passes his teacher :(

Nurse Hall ended her visit with reading our fortunes from her very cool "Birthday Fortune Telling Book!" Did I mention how cool our nurse is?

According to Dalton's fortune he is going to marry early to someone who was born in December... any takers?

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