Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Inter-Island Penpals!

This year we are getting our younger students involved in our Inter-Island TLC project! ! Margaret now has some kindergarten penpals from two other island schools!

We spent some time in writing class last week writing letters to her new penpals. She came up with things she wanted to tell them about herself and questions she wanted to know about them!

She was VERY inspired to write knowing that she was writing for her friends to see!

And then it was time to decorate... every envelop needs stickers... right!?


SO many stickers it makes you giggle with glee!

Love these pictures!

A few days later Margaret got her first letter from her penpals from Cliff Island!

She got three letters with pictures and drawing included! SO exciting!

So it was time for us to write back to Cliff!

Margaret drew pictures for each of her penpals!

They were all very personalize!

This is my favorite!

The best part of Margaret's new penpals is that she gets to meet them FACE TO FACE at Inter-Island event this week!


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  1. I absolutely love it!!! Thanks for making me smile!