Thursday, June 30, 2011

Whale Watching!

Tom, our residential "Bird Watching Man," took us for another kind of watching during our last week of school... whale watching!

Before we headed off to look for whales we took a peek at "Tom's Office."

It was a small trailer located on the southern side of the island that is FULL of super cool equipment that helps track birds migration on Monhegan using radar!

Awesome radar screen of bird's migration patterns!

After that mini field trip we went to Lobster Cove to watch for whales!

Tom set up his high-tech telescope and we got our our binoculars!

We had a whale book to reference.

Okay... you may not be able to see anything out there but we saw THREE whales that day!

What I took from our little field trip was that if you are patient enough... you will see something!

I see a cute little 7th grader!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Last Days of Pre-School

As the final days of school winded down, so did Miss M's work in Pre-School.

We had a few last projects to complete...

Including a very cool fish tank!

Look at all those fishes swimming around!

We had a bit of baking to do for a Father's Day surprise!

Sprinkling with cinnamon and sugar! Yummy!!

What a lovely gift!

A BIG accomplishment for this Pre-Schooler was that she completed her ENTIRE Pre-K work book!

Her certificate of completion!!!

She is now ready for KINDERGARTEN!!!!

And on the same day she completed her "Green Book" as well!

She knows all her letter and numbers! Way to go Miss M!

And here she is reading one of her books! This girl was MADE for kindergarten! I cannot wait until next year!!!!

Body Systems Project

For our final unit in science we learned about body systems. I cannot get over how amazing our bodies are and what they do for us every day. It is mind-blowing. We did not have a whole lot of time for this unit, so the boys got to pick which body system they wanted to focus on and become experts on that specific system. They each had to complete a written report about the system of their choice and a visual display of that system as well.

Quinn chose the circulatory system! So cool.

Dalton chose the muscular system!

They both wrote fabulous research papers and created t-shirts to visually represent their systems! Dalton looked like a muscle man in his shirt!

Back muscles!
I tried to get him to create a muscle body-suit to get the full effect... but he wasn't having it.

WOHOO! Quinn's circulatory shirt!!! YAY!

Look at all those veins! This shirt is AWESOME!

We had to get Quinn to try on Dalton's shirt while wearing his muscle shirt from the Christmas play! HILARIOUS!

Great last science unit boys! You are human body experts!!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Art Field Trip!

For our final art class Donna took us on an on-island field trip to take in some of the beautiful art that Monhegan has to offer...

We had to be "incognito" since our Truman Officer happens to run one of the art galleries we were visiting!

And look whose "Dr. Who" drawing we found!? None other than our own art teacher's, Donna! (She is famous, ya know!?)

Admiring some beautiful art.

The Truman Officer came up to show us around and make sure we were staying on task!

Viewing some favorite pieces by some favorite locals!

After we were done at the Gallery we headed to Winter Works, the island craft co-op to view another form of art.

The beautiful sea glass wreathes, made by the boys grandmother!!

Wearable art! Yes!

The art of music!

And another stop on our art tour... Rusty's shop.

Rope work is TOTALLY an art work!

Quinny got one of the bracelets stuck! Whoops.

Our final stop was at the Island Inn to get a sneak peak at Alice Boynton's show!

Alice is a year round community member so it is really exciting to see her work displayed at the Inn.

Her work was beautiful and it was a privilege for us to have our own private viewing.

Heading back to school we noticed Quinn's nail-polish matched the lupins.

Whoops. We got caught by the Truman Officer... AGAIN!
We are heading back to school this time, we promise!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Matinicus Trip - The final day!

Before we knew it our time on Matinicus was up. What an amazing week! On the last day we tried to soak up as much Matinicus fun as possible.

I had to get my last hammock time in.

We would miss this porch!

BIG thank you to Ian for a wonderful week of puppetry!

The kids and Ian!

Say "Dirty Hippy!"

In front of our "school away from school"!
I will miss this cuteness.

Passing out the puppets!

Our mobster faces! Word.

Mr. D. and Robin! Thanks for your hospitality!

After a quick morning at school we headed to the beach for one last time!

Can you say, "Beach Party!?"

Chillin' out before we got the bonfire going!

Time to cook some hotdogs!

Beach babies!

After hotdogs it was time for s'mores!


Proud of his marshmallow skills!

Anne came down for the party!

As always, the "cool kids" section.

The Duncans! (We will miss you!!!!!)

Sun bathing beauties.

It was a perfect day for the beach.

We miss this place!


I missed Millie... so I made her out of sand!

Quinn swimming with the pups!

Happy Day!

Well, this pretty much sums up our feelings about Matinicus! WE LOVED IT!

Thank you to everyone on Matinicus for making us feel so welcomed. We had a blast!