Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Matinicus Trip - Day #3

Our third day on Matinicus began with Dalton and I taking an early morning walk to the south side of the island.

Some lovely lawn art.

South side!

They have beaches on every side of this island! SO beautiful.

We went beach combing...

And we found a four-wheeler!

When we got to school the kids started working on some of their vignettes.

Behind the scenes.

Time to make MORE puppets.

A little morning break.

Big kids.. little slide.

Quinn was king of the playground, or so he thought.

The youngers practiced their rendition of Shel Silverstien's "Ickle Me, Pickle me, Tickle me too!"

Special lighting effects.

Time to head "home" for lunch!

Picnic outside.

Anne came over for lunch! YAY!

In the afternoon the kids had a quick check-in about how they are coming with their work!

Then it was time to head outside for some super fun theatre games!

Ian showed us how to "hypnotize" our partners.

I had the cutest partner of them all.

My second partner was pretty cute too!

Yay partners!

Time for another game!

Line up for "Come As You Are" game!

They had to do silly walks across the field.

There were some pretty silly walks.


Yay! So much fun!

Goofy walk.

I don't even know what is happening here.

I wanted to take these guys back with me to Monhegan!!!

Last game... "The Sculpture Game."

Have you ever seen a sculpture that picks his nose?

Goooood looking sculptures.

And back to puppet making for the day.

Super cool fish.

Ickle me!

and Tickle me!

Super cute.

Happy puppeteers.

Niiiice mask!

Carving puppets.

Almost done.


Let's take a break for chocolate cake... WE LOVE THIS SCHOOL!

A little rock wall climbing at the end of the day.

Good thing Matinicus has lots of fabulous dogs... we needed to get in some puppy lovin'.

After school it was time to head to the beach! YES!

It was like the Tour de Matinicus.

Ah... the beach!

Eh... not bad.

Dalton said it was C-O-L-D!

Some major sand castle making was happening here!

Once we got cleaned up from the beach we headed over to another household for some games and dinner!

"Just Dance" is always a hit.

Way to move it boys!

Cutie pies.

Dinner time! TACOS!

Time for an after dinner stroll.

Let's go!

Man they are cute.

Time to head to yet ANOTHER beach.


Best buds.

Skipping rocks.

Our host family for the evening.

We could really get use to this place :)

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