Thursday, June 16, 2011

Matinicus - Day #5 (Performance Day!!)

Day #5 was pretty typical to start. We headed to school for morning meeting and some finishing touches on the puppets and then it was back outside for break!

I think break is the most popular subject for all island students.

Quinn really wants a swing set on Monhegan.

Dalton and his ladies. Ha.

Picking flowers.

And searching for wild strawberries.

A little b-ball.

And wish making...

And finally, tree climbing. We sure get a lot accomplished during break!

Back inside for the final dress rehearsal for the performance!

This is the set the kids created for "Abiyoyo."

There was a lot happening backstage!

It takes a lot of focus to work with these shadow puppets.

Then it was time to practice the bunraku puppets one last time.

This puppet ate something poisonous and died! Yikes!

This puppet cut down a tree that then fell on him... and died. Do you see a theme emerging?

This puppet just danced around and fell a lot. He was my favorite.

BACK to dress rehearsal!

Doesn't it look so cool!?!

They sure do look like professionals...

Chillin' until it is their turn.

This was "Smiley" the mobster.

The "youngers" turn! They were scary monsters!

Abiyoyo herself!

I just could not get enough of their cuteness!

Once school was out the kids wanted to make a quick trip to the beach before their big performance and I never pass up a trip to the beach!



Too cold for Quinny!

It was a quick beach trip but it was nice to cool down before the night's event.


The official program.

First the Matinicus School Band played some fantastic numbers for our enjoyment.

These "boom stick" players were awesome!

And they EVEN played the ukuleles! We were amazed.

Then it was Shadow Puppet Show Time! First up... the bunraku puppets...

The "Shower of Doom!"

"The Clumsy Ninja"

"The Tree of Death!"

Next it was time for the shadow puppet performances!

First up it was "Zomo the Rabbit."

Next it was "Ickle Me, Pickle me, Tickle Me Too!"

Then "Arrow to the Sun."

And last, but certainly not least... my personal favorite, "Abiyoyo!"

After the performance their was a special ceremony for Mr. Duncan, the teacher on Matinicus, and his family who are leaving the island this year!

We will all miss them very much!

Looking happy to have had a successful performance!



Yes! Dance party!

Then we all headed back to the parsonage as a big thunder storm rolled in. Angela had come out for the night to see the kids performance and we hunkered down for a night of games and movies. Good way to spend our last night on Matinicus!

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