Friday, June 3, 2011

Kickball - Take 1

After TWO weeks of rain we FINALLY had a clear day to play kickball! We were SO excited we could hardly stand it. The t-shirts were made, the field was mowed, the kickballs were pumped! We were ready to play...

Our beautiful shirts ready to give out to all our participants!

It was going to be a full day of kickball!

Millie was ready with her very own kickball shirt.

Margaret and Millie had matching shirts.

June 1st = kickball day... FINALLY!

At 8:30am sharp the community starting arriving for the festivities.

Even the youngest players get their own shirts.

We decided this year to pull numbers for the four different teams! It was fun to create totally random teams! Once the teams were picked everyone met to pick their team name and create the banners. Here we have the Gail Force Winds!

And the Rockin' Robots!

The "Path to Power Panthers!"

And the "Kung-Fu Kangeroos!"

Even the refs made their own banner.

Millie was exhausted by all the events even before we left the school house.

Everyone did their part to make the banners look fabulous.

Dalton went over the rules of the day before we headed up to the ball field for the first round of games!

Billy B. and Dalton were the team captains for game 1.
Rock, paper, scissors to see who was up first!

Let the games begin!

When Quinn stepped up to base for the first kick of the day he shouted with a big grin on his face, "Kickball! FINALLY!"

Billy B. up to kick with Miss Millie looking on.

Some good looking out fielders waiting for the ball.

I was the pitcher for game 1!

There were some mighty fine kicks.

You had to watch that little one... she was super fast!

She's SAFE!!!

Another great kick by Quinny!

Everything was going great and we were all having a wonderful time when we suddenly noticed...

The skies were looking mighty grey and dark...

And then we started hearing thunder in the distance...
and then we saw some lightning...

and before we knew it the skies opened up and the rain came pouring down! And when I say pouring I mean violent rain, lightning, and thunder!

So, long story short... we had to postpone kickball... AGAIN. We were sooooo bummed but knew that tomorrow was another day and the sun would come out and we would play kickball soon enough.

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