Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Matinicus Day #4

Day #4 began with some breakfast and card making at the parsonage. We got to go to school around 9am every day to give the Matinicus students some time to themselves... that meant we got to hang out in our pj's just a bit longer, so we didn't mind at all.

Breakfast meant homemade bagels that the boys' mom sent us with! So good.

Time to head to school.

Morning meeting with the group.

Going over the plans for the day.

The kids decided on adding one more vignette to their community performance. It was called Abiyoyo and the kids made up their own characters and lines for this all-school show.

On this day the kids were introduced to a new form of puppetry called Bunraku. These puppets take two people to control and they are pretty amazing.

Bunraku puppets going crazy!

What a team.

Each pair had to come up with a short situation for the puppet to go through. My partner and I had our puppet taking a shower.

Time for BREAK!

We loved their swings.

So high!

Looks like he is flying!

Lots of crazy gymnasts in this school!

Upside down man!

Some cuties in the tunnel.

More cuties!

Mrs. D with her adorable kids. (We miss them already!)

Time to rehearse the vignettes! The performance was only a day away.

Lots of behind the scenes work!

After a busy day at school we all headed over to our favorite island fellow and Matinicus resident, Anne's house!

I think they are happy to be relaxing after a big day at school!

It was such a bonus to get to hang out with Anne during our time on Matinicus!

The cool kids!

After a delicious cookout there was a fire for roasting marshmellows down in the garden area (which by the way looks like something out of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine!)

Time to roast!

Anne and her fabulous partner, Tom, hosting us at a FABULOUS party!

What a great day!

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