Monday, June 13, 2011

Trip to Matinicus - First couple of days!

We were SO excited last week to take our final field trip of the year to ... MATINICUS ISLAND! This was a BIG field trip for several reasons... first of all, none of us had ever been to Matinicus Island before, secondly we were excited to do a week long extensive theatre program on Matinicus, and lastly... and most importantly, we could not WAIT to see all our friends at the Matinicus Island School.

We were super lucky to have Jim Kalloch, Captain of the Jackie Renee come get us on Monhegan and bring us straight to Matinicus! What service!

It was a gorgeous day for a boat ride. Goodbye Monhegan!

All aboard!

We were pretty pumped to be heading to Matinicus.

On a super, crystal clear day you can BARELY make out Matinicus from the backside of our island, so it was pretty cool to get closer and closer by boat.

One hour and twenty minutes later we were at Matinicus Island.

What did we notice right away? It is really flat!

The harbor! We made it!

We were met at the dock and brought to our new home for the week... the parsonage!

Our favorite part of the parsonage... the hammock.

Chillin' at our new digs.

Wrestling match to pass the time.

Time to head down to school for the professional puppet show!

The Matinicus Island school had invited Ian from Figures of Speech Theatre to come to their island for the week to teach the kids shadow puppetry... but first we got to see Ian perform the puppetry on his own!

The show Ian performed with "Jester Kings of Java!"

Ian performed using over 6 different puppets! It was amazing!

Three puppets at once! Wowsers.

After the show we got to see the puppets up close!

After the puppet show we hung out a bit before having a delicious potluck dinner at the church!

Happy, happy kids.

Day #2 greeted us with some gorgeous island skies.

The boys got loaner "island bikes" to use for the week!

We started the morning helping the Matinicus School with moving some boxes out to their town office.

Better get use to it boys... just one more week and we will be packing up our school!

Then it was time to start working with Ian.

He talked with the kids about the history behind shadow puppetry and explained to them that they will be working on creating their own shadow puppets for a performance at the end of the week!

Ian had the kids test out some puppets so they could get the feel of how to use them and then create them.

The kids were split into two different groups to begin working on their short vignettes.

They had to assign roles and decide who was going to make what puppets.

Then they got to work sketching! This is Dalton's puppet for the Sun God!

Some fabulous artists in this group!

It was a long day of work at school but they got so much accomplished!

After school we headed over to one of the island families' house for dinner!

While there Quinn got his nails painted... oh man.

Time for dinner!

Mmmmm.... dinner!

Thumbs up for sure!

The kids with our fabulous hostess!!!!

After dinner it was back to school for movie night! We were kept SO busy!
We slept good that night!

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