Monday, June 6, 2011

Art Show!

As you already know from our blog... we loooooove art at the Monhegan School. We have the most amazing art teacher that has ever existed and we also have some VERY talented art students who are always willing to try out a new form of art. We needed to showcase all of the fabulous art the kids created this year so we held an Art Show last Friday afternoon at school.

Donna came in early to "help hang the show."

Dalton's OCD was really helpful for this process.

So much art to hang!

(one of) Quinn's wall.

Dalton's wall.

LOVE this print.

Datlon's one point perspective.

Dalton's 2 point perspective.

More of Quinn's work.

Dalton's quick sketches of dogs.

Our living art section.

The artist and his masterpieces.

This was the funniest assortment of snacks EVER... cupcakes, leftover chips, fruit, left over snacks from kickball, and sour patch kids.
(I think it TOTALLY beats the normal wine and cheese selection of "typical" art openings!)

All the artists wore flowers.

I tried to get Quinn to do a prom pose with me. Poor guy.

Even Houston got a rose.

Quinn and his work.

The boys and their art teacher.

We were happy to have Jean here for the art show.

The gallery was open.

Millie was already spent.

Showing off their work.

Margaret had her own art section as well.

So much art to look at!

Margaret and her art section!

It was great to watch the kids talk about their art.

Lots of visitors.

Margaret showing off her shamrock!

It was at the art show that Margaret met Houston.

At first she did not know what to think.

But soon she loved him just as much as Quinn!

The art show was an absolute success. Thanks for all who came out to see the kids beautiful work. Also, thanks to Donna... the best art teacher, for organizing the event!

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