Thursday, June 23, 2011

Last Days of Pre-School

As the final days of school winded down, so did Miss M's work in Pre-School.

We had a few last projects to complete...

Including a very cool fish tank!

Look at all those fishes swimming around!

We had a bit of baking to do for a Father's Day surprise!

Sprinkling with cinnamon and sugar! Yummy!!

What a lovely gift!

A BIG accomplishment for this Pre-Schooler was that she completed her ENTIRE Pre-K work book!

Her certificate of completion!!!

She is now ready for KINDERGARTEN!!!!

And on the same day she completed her "Green Book" as well!

She knows all her letter and numbers! Way to go Miss M!

And here she is reading one of her books! This girl was MADE for kindergarten! I cannot wait until next year!!!!

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